I find different tailing reservoirs with the google maps. I draw them and collect public online evidences about the influence of these areas on the lives and activities of the people who live nearby. Some of these tailing reservoirs became a place for extreme tourism. The other ones are used as a source of income: inhabitants obtain ashes from the tailing and sell it as a fertilizer for the plants. In other case people get together and demand the government to improve the ecological situation and to liquidate the dangerous areas.

I put this information, taken from the Internet, side by side with my paintings. Besides that I make a film. It is based on the photos of the tailings made from the space in different years. I animate these photos and show how the tailing have changed during last decade.   

My pictures are painted on the wooden planks shaped like the certain tailing reservoirs.

1. 55°23'15.78''n, 85°58'10.98’'e

ТЭЦ - heating plant

зола - ashes
Кемеровский золоотвал Эксплуатирующая организация: ОАО «Кузнецкая ТЭЦ» Золошлаки от сжигания углей. ash dump

Savind the Elk



2. 56°27'00.32'N,' 61°56'32.02’'E
Шламовые поля СТЗ Синарский трубный завод Каменск-Уральский
Отстойники трубного завода Черные озера." Мазутные отстойники. Fuel oil settler

3. 56°18'34.99''N, 61°55'14.85’'E
Шламоотвал №2 уральского алюминиевого завода.
Хвостохранилище красного шлама - отходов глиноземного производства. Техногенное образование. Alum earth

4. 43°22′03.78″N 132°18′21.22″E Золоотвалы #1 (озеро Та-Пауза до 1972 года) и #2 Артемовской ТЭЦ клубы зольной пыли окутывают окрестности:  штрафы:
heating plant ash dump

репортаж о золотоотвале: